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Feng Shui Consultation Services

Our Destiny comprise of 3 major components. Our Natal chart the defines our life’s potential, our Luck that determines the ups and downs period of our life’s journey (collectively known as BaZi) and finally Feng Shui, the earth’s energy that is shaped by our living environment land formations. Life forces works on us via cosmic energy interaction with earth’s energy that gives us the gross result of our life. Then our own actions and decisions makes up the limited rest.

Ever wonder why some people are so successful while some people despite having all the virtues of life such as hard working, honesty, patience never make in life and in fact always faced with all kinds of problems one after another? It is all the work of our surrounding energy….CHANGE YOUR ENERGY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Our passion in search for the answers to our lives, lead us to meet masters that handed the Real art of Feng Shui that benefited us and got us out of hell hole. Today, we are helping back the community using this profound ancient art of Feng Shui kept by our grand masters all the generations. 

Luopan - Geomancy Compass

Feng Shui has many schools but not all are real methods. We believe we have found the real knowledge through the hundreds of cases we have performed here in Malaysia and all over the world through the results we have gotten.

This is why most Chinese business employ Feng Shui to help them retain wealth and to progress further and why Chinese dynasties can last more than 250 years. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we serve our regional clients in Singapore, Indonesia as well as Australia too.


House Feng Shui

Our house is most important to us. This is the base of where your wealth accumulation, health and relationship foundation is.Our business premise is our wealth vase. Receiving auspicious energy will enable the business to grow while afflicted with bad energy, problems will come in an endless stream….more

Grave Feng Shui 

Commonly known as Yin Feng Shui, this is a very important aspect as it will affect many generations of descendants if done wrongly. The effects of grave Feng shui is longer lasting for few generations. This is the best gift to your children after you leave this world. If you have a life threatening luck, you may consider a Life Grave (Shengji)...more

BaZi Consultation

Our destiny was given to us at birth & knowing it can help us achieve with less obstacles in life. Are you now in good luck to embark a career change or will your marriage be blissful, what health dangers will you likely have?….more


Jakarta Office Unit Feng Shui Audit.

Video on Feng Shui Consulting Process Part 1, 2 ,3. Part 4 coming!

Real Feng Shui Will Show Results! 22/10/18