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feng-shui-masterI have come a long way in this field of Chinese Metaphysics. My interested since my young days have always made me wonder about the subject on Destiny and Feng Shui. As a Chinese, Feng Shui is a very common thing. We associate almost everything with Feng shui. Good business is because of good Feng shui or good destiny and vice versa.

Once I remember a very sad case, during my teenage time, a neighbor after the father passed away and buried every 3 years one male child dies. The mother was so sad, that she had bad depression and caused her to be a hermit, hardly talked to people and sometimes seems mumbling to herself. It was sad but all I can understand from the folks was bad Feng shui.

It was until I grew up, earned some money I started to leap into the field during the time when Feng shui is becoming popular like iphone. I learnt but I could not get consistent results from my observations. I was determined and I know that feng shui needs to have a lineage. After some research and a recommendation from a friend, I finally found the right master. Then the other masters came along one after another. Together I string all these knowledge and compared to the real world. Guess what I found?

I come to realized that every building or business success or failure has some Feng shui reasons behind. This resulted in my further sharpen my Feng shui skills.

I strongly believe in a Lineage. Thus I really spend time to seek out Lineage masters to acquire my skills. Feng Shui is Meta skill, thus without a Lineage (传 承) one will never acquire the real substance and philosophy of Feng shui. I never believe in self learnt masters simply because as a Chinese, I understand the importance of having a lineage of grand masters to correctly transfer the skills down. I am proud to say today I am the 5th Generation Lineage of Tang Yang Wu of the Wu Chang School.

My skills improved very fast under the guidance of my masters. Soon I started my part time profession during weekends. Very soon my weekends was getting busier and I almost had no weekends. My customer’s progress and them recommending friends, their return to seek my services when they acquire new properties is the best encouragement and testimony they have given me.

I know that since the popularization of Feng shui, many clients have fallen into the fashion of learning from popular schools and tried DIY or engaged the school consultants but sadly some are not so lucky and got themselves badly bruised. I am happy that they have place their trust on me to help them turnaround. With their sincere effort and cooperation, their improvements have given me courage and affirmation.

My biggest challenge was when a public listed company tasked me to helped to plan the Feng Shui from ground zero for their new corporate office, has saw their share price risen from 0.7/share to 1.89/share over a period of 3 years. I also re corrected a Feng Shui mistakes done by a famous Feng Shui master in KL as well as in Singapore. You may read some of them in my Feng Shui Blog & Testimonial page. These are one my many achievements.

Their words are my biggest encouragement to me to come out to help more people. Of course I also thank my master for his encouragement to me to come forward to help more people and change the public bad perception on Feng shui. Today I join master to train new generations of practitioner through the school ART OF DESTINY.

I extend the same encouragement to my students to use this authentic ancient skills to help others. There was once my student could not solve his client restaurant business and sought my advice. After the implementation, the results was positive which led him to 3 new clients introduced by the restaurant owner. 

If you have had a bad Feng Shui experience, come talk to us. We can help you.

Thus my journey as a Feng Shui Consultant have brought me to some very interesting places, all over South East Asia, Australia and met interesting people and listening to their real life stories. I am also the feng shui consultant to many feng shui consultants in Ukraine, Australia, Singapore, Germany and back home here in Malaysia.

My customer spread is very wide from USA, UK, Ukraine, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Peru, China, Canada and growing.

Currently Master Alan is based in Puchong a suburb of Selangor state just outside of capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Alan Chong

Feng Shui Consultant in KL, Malaysia

Our Belief

Driven by our passion for the real art of Feng Shui, we strive to help improve our clients life with proven methodologies handed down by our generations of masters – #RealFengShui


Our Core Values

Integrity – To do out utmost to help improve lives within given circumstances.

Honesty in our assessment. Only proven methodologies are used.

We always endeavor to protect the Privacy of our clients thus why most photos are not shown here.

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He records his videos on his youtube channel and there are host of interesting and informative videos there.

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