To some people they ask why is Feng Shui consultation pricey? Price in Feng Shui is all about results it delivers and not the effort taken. Some have chosen the cheaper path and the results are as below. Remember Feng Shui result is a combination of skill & knowledge and experience. Knowledge This is the first and foremost the most important part. If one does not have the correct authentic knowledge, then one may practice 30 years yet will never see consistent results in their consultation. They just have to rely on marketing tactics to keep going by using the […]
What is Yin Feng Shui? This is the type of Feng Shui for the after world typically our ancestors and parents. This is technique was founded few thousand years ago after ancients discovered that a burial can affect the descendants lives or outcomes. Although it is not the only effect, it is one of the major effects since the bones contain DNA which links the ancestors to their descendants. Master can explain more when meeting face to face the mechanics of this Yin Feng Shui. What Are the Components of Yin Feng Shui? Land forms, Quality of soil, How Qi […]
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At our consultancy process, our date selection process is very elaborate. It is very unlike other consultancy companies that is based on the Tong Shu for selection. You can read about the Tong Shu system via the link. Our system is elaborate and unique because it combines 3 major factors giving a holistic good dates. Good dates are hard to come by and they are rare too in a year. Average dates are more easier to find. If you want to read some of the effects of Good Date, you can click this button below.
At times people ask if a house feng shui consulting, will they need to do extensive renovation because they would like to save money. Well it depends on many factors to answer this. The first question one should ask themselves is what level of Feng Shui they wanna enjoy. Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D – Fail If they just happy with Grade C then probably no need major renovation but if you want at least a Grade B then maybe you will have to sacrifice the convenience for longer term, better energy luck. As I have mentioned […]
Bells & Wind Chimes This is the 6 rod wind chime or a Bell that you can use. Prefer those made of brass or copper. None metal ones have no effects. Salt Water Cure How To Prepare a Salt Water Cure: Get a jar, preferably of Glass 2. Fill half with rock salt or any salt and place 6 copper coins on top of the salt. 3. Fill the jar with water till 80% full. The salt will “climb” to the brim of the jar but let it be. Its normal. Keep the salt moist all the time.
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Many people are wondering how does Feng shui works since everyone talks about it. Well to understand this we have to first look at the current definition of Feng Shui. Today virtually everything is dumped into the classification of Feng Shui like from putting lucky items, to the usage of Bagua as protection, mantras, deities to even talisman. Then there are those who practices internal feng shui land formations and advises such as we should not sleep against the window or sleep against the wall where behind is the toilet of kitchen or spiral stairs are bad feng shui or […]
Office Feng shui is one of the most important Feng shui after a house feng shui. Whether you are in retail business as in a restaurant, boutique or book store or running a factory or just an administration office, the Feng shui of this premise can affects us in many ways especially matters related to smoothness of the operations and profitability. The reason is because while the house Feng shui can help you in your business endeavor, your office Feng shui also can have effect on you. For example, a House Feng Shui prospers the boss but at the Office, […]
Very often I have been asked this question of How to find a credible or authentic Feng Shui Consultant.? It is after the bad experience and having again good experience, i.e. a “re-born” or renewed faith in Feng Shui, that people will ask this pertinent question. A question that did not cross their minds earlier. What they were searching was for Famous Feng Shui Consultant. But is Famous = Ability ? Then the new dilemma is that nowadays there are just too many around. Even here in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur alone, there are just so many and who do […]

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