BaZi Astrology Consultation

BaZi 【八字】 Astrology or sometimes known as 4 Pillars of Destiny is based on our Date and Time of Birth to decipher our life path.

Bazi is divided into 2 broad category. First is the Destiny chart & Major Luck cycle.

Destiny Chart

This is the most important part of all. It holds what is installed for us since birth. We one be successful or not is all written inside. Each and every one of us has a role in this world that is deemed useful and fulfilling. Its a matter if one knows or not how to get it. Thus everyone is entitled to a happy & fulfilling life.

Major Luck Cycle

Successful or not we still have our sunny days and our rainy days. This is read from our luck cycle. If its sunny days then we better get our cloths to dry and if it’s rainy days, you would not be too concerned if you have your umbrella with you already!

Knowing Your BaZi

Bazi gives us a few advantages in life:

It helps us understand ourselves better. This understanding is very important because it can help realize our inherent potential and minimize those detrimental actions. This alone saves us a lot of frustrations!

It gives us a glimpse of what is our major issues in career, health, relationships. For example, why some people have problems getting marry? If get married, why there is a potential divorce later? Am I in good luck cycle? What do you do if you know in advance? Do I adopt the Fight or Flight strategy?

So it helps us make informed decisions.

Can we Fight our Destiny?

Of course we cannot, who ever tells you he can is probably telling you a big lie. However, we can alter destiny. We can better manage destiny by knowing some information before hand. But altering destiny needs two important ingredients, Time and Effort. I am not selling false hope here, if you need psychological comfort, better to search elsewhere. No man in this world has done short cuts, not Buddha, not Jesus not Prophet Muhd.

However, the law of change has this to say. In one’s lifetime we all have a part that needs to be changed or relearn and until we successfully do so, we continue to repeat the same pattern. This explains why some people gets cheated and cheated all over again. Bazi can assist to find out what needs to be changed or improved or relearned.

Thus when this is changed, our destiny is altered!

Time is a commodity that no money can buy, thus the earlier you start, the bigger will be the possible quantum of change!

Effort comes from our perseverance and the desire to improve. As the saying goes, “God help those who help themselves”. However, effort and time is tied together. Effort alone cannot warrant and effective results. Just like we cannot built muscle overnight by being 24 hours in the gym. It only results in muscle tear!. 

In short, Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time is the Key to a more successful life.

Consulting Method and Information

We shall need a few information to do so and you shall see it when you fill the form below. We can go by a face to face consulting or via email.

You are encouraged to be as open as you can so the consultant can help you pin point the issue more accurately.


For overseas we bill via Paypal or Paypal Credit Card.  Price is USD50 for 2 category of questions.

For Malaysians via bank in Public Bank. Price is RM200 for 2 category of questions.

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