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BaZi 【八字】 Astrology or sometimes known as 4 Pillars of Destiny is based on our Date and Time of Birth & your sex to decipher our life path. Chinese like to call it Suan Ming 算命 or literally calculate our fate. It is an ancient form of using the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches to form a Pillar in order to represent our Time, Day, Month and Year of Birth. 

From this chart we can see what is installed for us. Will we be rich, will the women have a good marriage life, will the man be blessed with a good/helpful wife, what illness are we prone to and as such. Why some people fail business after business? It is all in your Bazi chart fore told but you did not get to know about it.

Basically, Bazi is divided into 2 broad category. First is the Destiny chart & Major Luck cycle.

BaZi Destiny Chart

This is the most important part of all. It holds what is installed for us since birth. We one be successful or not is all written inside. Each and every one of us has a role in this world that is deemed useful and fulfilling. Its a matter if one knows or not how to get it. Thus everyone is entitled to a happy & fulfilling life.

BaZi Natal Chart 八字命盘

Major Luck Cycle

Successful or not we still have our sunny days and our rainy days. This is read from our luck cycle. If its sunny days then we better get our cloths to dry and if it’s rainy days, you would not be too concerned if you have your umbrella with you already! Thus the ups and downs of life comes from your major luck cycle. The one who has fore knowledge of this will know if he or she should bring the umbrella or may step on the pedal.

Major Luck 大运

Knowing Your BaZi

Bazi gives us a few advantages in life:

It helps us understand ourselves better. This understanding is very important because it can help realize our inherent potential and minimize those detrimental actions. This alone saves us a lot of frustrations!

It gives us a glimpse of what is our major issues in career, health, relationships. For example, why some people have problems getting marry? If get married, why there is a potential divorce later? Am I in good luck cycle? What do you do if you know in advance? Do I adopt the Fight or Flight strategy? Who can help me? Who is my benefactor? Who is my Foe?

So it helps us make informed decisions. Master will advise based on your natal chart on your questions.

We have clients who had benefited from our consultancy for questions ranging to relocation, career, marriage, how to manage spouse, how to better understand their child etc.

Our clients come not from only Malaysia but also Singapore, USA, Canada, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Peru, Brazil, Portugal etc. 

Master blogs regularly on this subject. Read them here….

Consulting Method and Information

Our system is based on Traditional Bazi system and not contemporary system that mixed a lot with motivation and business coaching. 

We shall need a few information to do so and you shall see it when you fill the form below. We can go by a face to face consulting at our office in Bukit Puchong. This offers better privacy as well.

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You are encouraged to be as open as you can so the consultant can help you pin point the issue more accurately. Many of our clients have benefited from this consultation after we have accurately relate their problems and the solutions (feedback) have also helped them.


RM250 for 1 hour consultation. [Price valid till Dec 31, 2020]

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