To some people they ask why is Feng Shui consultation pricey?

Price in Feng Shui is all about results it delivers and not the effort taken.

Some have chosen the cheaper path and the results are as below. Remember Feng Shui result is a combination of skill & knowledge and experience.


This is the first and foremost the most important part. If one does not have the correct authentic knowledge, then one may practice 30 years yet will never see consistent results in their consultation.

They just have to rely on marketing tactics to keep going by using the fame.

Energy Creates Results.

Master Alan Chong


After getting the correct knowledge then one talks about experience. Feng Shui is a life art and the more experience you have the better is the consistency and results. That is the reason in medical field they have Houseman ship for fresh graduates before they can become a full Medical Officer a.k.a. Doctor.


Skills is very individualistic. It is a combined effect of correct Knowledge, Experience and personal creative touch to solve a problem with least changes and cost while producing good results.

Bad Feng Shui cost a lot, not only the money, bad reputation, bankruptcy, terminal illness, divorce, miscarriages and many more. The emotional cost cannot be monetized. The lost time cannot be recovered.

Benefits of Good Feng Shui

Imagine that long waited promotion that will give you 20% extra income. Does it stop after 1 month? Obviously no! Let’s just say 800 extra each month and this works out to be 9600 per year and just say over 5 years you don’t get another promotion (which is unlikely with good feng shui & sincere effort) and that would work out to be 48000 more! How much would be called pricey? Would it be that for example to pay 5000 in exchange for 48000, worth it?

If you are a restaurant business owner, let just say it gets you extra 10% customer per month despite your average service or food taste, what kind of income would that mean for you say over 2 years? Maybe just more consistent customers coming, how about that? How about being able to attract and retain talents? How about 1 extra project per year with a better profit margin?

If you understand the difference between a penny and a pound, you will see the value of good Feng Shui and a credible Feng Shui consultancy.

Get in touch with us if you need a second opinion or to access your current property Feng Shui.


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