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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art of tapping earth or nature’s natural energy to help change the energy of a dwelling. The energy of this dwelling then affects or influence our human energy thus influencing the out come of life. Perhaps some of you may have hear or experience it yourself that after moving into a particular house or premise things got worse off or better off over time? This is the hidden effects of Feng Shui.

Nature’s energy is derived naturally from our environment of hill ranges and water or body of water. Thus feng shui is all about natural land formations that provide the source of energy or in our term Qi 【气】. Having a good source of Qi is not enough because Qi can be good or bad depending on the House feng shui formation. This is where the ancient art of Feng shui comes in important. A real capable Feng shui master will be able to tell where we can tap good auspicious Qi the help in our advancement. Many who wrongly tap bad Qi always find life challenging with many problems to solve and problems seems to come non stop!

Because Qi comes from nature’s land formations, it has nothing to do with religion or having to put “auspicious” items here and there. When you meet one with lots of religious taboos and item selling Feng shui master, it only say that person may not understand what is really Feng Shui.!

Why Is Feng Shui Important ?

Most Chinese businesses in world uses Feng Shui and this is not because of superstition. It is because it is proven over the centuries that Real Feng Shui exists and plays a big role in the success and failure of a business. As such they are usually successful in business.

How Do We Get Good Feng Shui?

The objective is to tap auspicious energy or Good Qi 吉气 and same time minimize the bad energies or Sha Qi 煞气 so that it prospers the occupants.

To achieve the above objective, we need to perform a 2 step audit.

  1. Matching the House with the Land Formations surrounding the property. This distinguishes between Grade A or B or C class Feng Shui.
  2. Distribution of Qi, to distribute it correctly so more the good Qi fills the property.
  3. Matching the People or occupants to the house to achieve a good match. This is to ensure the Trinity of Heaven – Earth – Man is at optimum level. When these 3 factors are in an harmonious formation, then the business will grow fast, health will improve etc.

The areas of utmost concerns for good Internal Feng Shui Qi distribution are :

  1. Main Door of the property
  2. The bedroom or office doors
  3. The Bed feng shui
  4. The Kitchen Stove placement
  5. Feng Shui Office Desk Layout
  6. Feng Shui Water Fountains placements

Feng Shui success rate is not a factor of fame or age but about having the right knowledge, good understanding of the art, real working experience, upholding ethics and dedication in this field. Thus our success rate is not by chance rather by Design.

Integral to our Feng Shui Consultancy package is our Holistic Date Selection system. Want to know more of our system and it’s benefits ? Click the button below:

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Feng Shui Case Studies of Real Cases

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Jakarta Feng Shui
High Rise Business unit
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KL hills Feng Shui
Mansion Feng Shui Design
Office Feng Shui
Full Design and Selection
Subang feng shui
Feng Shui Correction
Condominium Audit
We are the Expert in High Rise Structures
Corporate Office
Improved human relationships after changes
Feng Shui Master Expert in HI Rise
At Client House warming event
Selection of a Good Feng Shui House prior purchase
For Education Luck
Client reported children education scores improved
Factory Audit
Improve the Qi Flow to enhance Sales
Office Feng Shui Change
Turn around the feng shui for better wealth factor
Door Setting
For longer term feng shui strength
Complete Rebuilt
Changing the Qi of House to enjoy current Prosperity
Door Alignment
Improve the Quality of Qi into the house
Good Door Location
Added with Water feature to enhance prosperity and owner reported smooth life
Stove Placement
Improve health and wealth factor of the house
Bungalow Unit
Prosperity continues despite trying economic times
Restaurant in KL
New start up doing well after the audit
Shops | Office
Client in Engineering Consulting
Water Dragons
For Wealth Activation

Value Gained is more important than price paid…

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Special Mid Autumn Offer

If you have a Feng Shui audit done onto your property (House, shop, business, factory) and things has not gone right after 1 year, we would like to offer you during the month of 1 September to 30 September 2019 in the spirit of Mid Autumn Festival to submit in your story stating:

  • Date and Location of the Audit that took place. (min 1 year time period elapsed)
  • Type of Property (House, Factory, Office etc…)
  • A Narration of what Happened since then.
  • Your Full Name, Phone, Company Name. (Only within Malaysia)
  • Why your case should be selected?

Our Objective is to select a case for our students and apprentice to practice as well to offer a 2nd Chance to people who may have been unfortunate in a Feng Shui case. hence a selected case will be offered anything between 30% – 50% off the published rate subject to your agreement to some Terms and Conditions. All cases/solutions will be supervised and checked by Master.

Interested parties may write to with the above details and we will inform you via email if your property is accepted. Please indicate in the Subject : 2nd Chance Feng Shui. There are 2 slots up for grabs. If you are selected we will set an appointment with you.