Many people are wondering how does Feng shui works since everyone talks about it. Well to understand this we have to first look at the current definition of Feng Shui. Today virtually everything is dumped into the classification of Feng Shui like from putting lucky items, to the usage of Bagua as protection, mantras, deities to even talisman.

Then there are those who practices internal feng shui land formations and advises such as we should not sleep against the window or sleep against the wall where behind is the toilet of kitchen or spiral stairs are bad feng shui or we should not sit with a sharp corner behind us or house facing a T-junction is a no no and many similar stuffs. Modern practitioners also classify these believes as Feng Shui.

Feng Shui 风水 in Chinese means Wind and Water. These 2 words gives us a clue as to what is the actual origin of this art. First it tells us we are dealing with Energy a.k.a. Qi. Qi 气 is life force to the Chinese. Secondly, these elements are found outside a house which says we are dealing with external environment. It is the surrounding environment of which the house is located. In my future articles, I will discuss more in depth what is this energy all about.

Put in simple terms, Feng Shui is the ancient science of our external environment energies affecting us, the people. But how does Feng Shui affect us or how does it works?

House Feng Shui

The house is like a container but it’s a Qi container. It receives it’s energy from the external environment via it’s dish a.k.a the Main Door. Then over time, when we humans are soaked in this Qi, it slowly changes the composition of our human energy. Thus if spend time in a good Qi area we are like having a good time in medicinal bath which will strengthens our health. Vice versa, if we are soaked in bad energies area, we will slowly be drained and its like someone spending time in a cesspit. We humans call this condition Bad Luck.

Setting Main Door

In lay man terms we broadly classify it into Good Luck or Bad Luck. However, if you understand where the source of your luck comes from, then you can do something to improve it, right?

In traditional authentic Feng shui, there are only few things that we really need to take care in order to have better energy to help us in achieving our goals. You can read my previous article to know what are the important items that needs to be taken care of.

The longer we absorb the good energy, the more effort we put into our work, the larger will be reward. Roman empire was not built in one day and so Feng Shui is not magic. It is accumulative. It is the accumulation of positive energy to uplift us. This same principle applies to our Office, Factory, Shop, Malls etc.

Thus if we change our house energy or house Feng Shui, we change our outcomes in life. There are many cases you may read from my old blog site, (Look under the Category of Case Studies or Consulting)

Before we end this article, we have to recognize that besides Feng Shui, we have our BaZi or Astrology birth chart to consider but this is a separate subject matter.


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