Very often I have been asked this question of How to find a credible or authentic Feng Shui Consultant.?

It is after the bad experience and having again good experience, i.e. a “re-born” or renewed faith in Feng Shui, that people will ask this pertinent question. A question that did not cross their minds earlier. What they were searching was for Famous Feng Shui Consultant.

But is Famous = Ability ?

Then the new dilemma is that nowadays there are just too many around. Even here in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur alone, there are just so many and who do you trust? It is not easy for most lay people. To help you understand a little, in my maiden book WINDS OF CHANGE – TRUTH AND MYTH IN FENG SHUI, I have outline some of the popular methods used by most consultants today. For Malaysian, you can get it at Kinokuniya Book Store, Suria KLCC.

Looking For A Feng Shui Master

I have prepared a video clip to help you narrow down the number of consultants in your area and hope with this you are able to find the ones that can really help you improve.

Some uses talisman, lucky charms, some comes without a Chinese compass (luopan), some claim they are classical but actually mixes a lot of system inside and thus who is the real one?

If you are still in doubt, you can get in touch with us for further advice. However, you may read over my Feng Shui blog since there are many real stories of Feng Shui cases we have done and encountered as well as rectified.


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