When I was young, my parents used to say to me “Don’t play with Fire!” But when I learn Feng Shui, I realized that it is water that you cannot play with!

Water in Feng Shui is a powerful wealth activator but this statement is only correct when it is done correctly. If it is placed wrongly, it will cause harmful effects such as accidents, loss of wealth, sickness or arguments in the house.

In a Feng Shui consult, we identify areas where water is desirable and areas where water is harmful to have. Thorough out my years being a Feng Shui consultant, I have seen many people who had wrong sectors of water that their business and wealth factor suffered over the years! Some resulted in loss of a high paid job and bankruptcy. Some was affected with Cancer as well due to having water in the wrong place. Thus, simply having water in the wrong place is not a joke, it can bring lot’s of damage to our lives over a period of time without us realizing it!

The common question is what constitutes a water feature? You may classify it between man made or natural.

Man Made Water Feature

It can be a water fountain or swimming pool. Water tank may and may not be considered as man made water feature.




Natural Water Feature

It can be a river, pond, a lake or large drain in the city.




How large should it be? 

It should not be too small. Our Feng Shui Master will advice the appropriate size for optimal results. It is not necessary being too big represents big results. Over sized water feature can also cause adverse harmful effects.

Stagnant or non moving water Or moving water is more desirable?

It depends on the situation and the type of energy to be activated or subdued. Each of them have their own roles to play. Only a good Feng Shui master can correctly advice the clients.




Does the Water feature has a Time Factor?

Yes water features does have a timing or time limit, you may ask the master or if you have an yearly Feng Shui annual review, then master will advice as the time draws nearer. 

Is Virtual Waters and Real Waters Having the Same Effects?

Virtual water concept is a new invention by modern practitioners. Of course there are some differences in the end results.

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