Also known as Grave Feng Shui

Yin Feng Shui Principles 阴宅风水

Yin Feng Shui means Feng Shui for the deceased. The word Yin here represents anything that is below the ground. This type of Feng Shui is one of the most delicate and important because it affects the descendants up to a few generations. You may see it as long term Feng Shui. It is also the least understood Feng Shui as generally people cannot related how a deceased person can affect the luck of his/her descendants. 

It is also one of the most difficult Feng Shui which require real Feng Shui skills in selecting the right plot. If done correctly, it can benefit the descendants in terms of health, future descendant luck, wealth, authority and fame. On contrary, if done wrongly, it may terminate the lines of descendants or premature death of family lines, produce stupid/handicapped child or prostitutes, thief and beggars.

The history of Yin Feng Shui started as early as before Eastern Jin dynasty 晉朝 (265-420)  but gained a stronger footing during Tang 唐朝 Dynasty (618-907). It was widely practiced by the Emperors. The most prominent period of usage of Yin Feng Shui popularly documented was in the Ming 明朝 and Qing 清朝Dynasty. These were the 2 periods of the longest and wealthiest period of Chinese Dynasty until internal power struggles that saw the collapse of their Dynasty.

Ming Dynasty had capable ministers and generals while Qing was doing well until they switched from the Eastern Tombs to the Western Tombs. All these happens because the changes in the Feng Shui masters they deploy.

Today why some after burial, their descendants luck declined while other family prospered? There is a saying 分金差一线,富贵不相见 which means a minute difference in the Jewel line, the end results can be significantly different. Rest assured, Feng Shui works regardless if one believe in it or not, just like the Sun will rise everyday from the East.

Selecting a Feng Shui master for this job is the very first important step. The main criteria is the lineage or ancestry of Feng shui masters comes from. DO Not engage those self study masters. Do your due diligence carefully because the art Yin Feng Shui is a highly guarded knowledge that is passed down to a few disciples. Once done wrongly, can cause the doom of generations of descendants. 

Furthermore, in a memorial park not all spots are good Feng shui spots. Lets face the reality while putting aside what the sales person tells you, for they are concerned about the sales figures where as the Feng Shui master is concerned with your descendants future. Just like in a development, not all office in the same building will do well.

Yin Feng Shui Principles

1.Locate the Xue 穴 spot or the best Qi for the deceased final resting place. This is the most crucial step and the most pains taking step. It is the also the most time consuming ones.

2.Casket Burial Alignment

3. Feng Shui Tombstone Alignment 

Selecting Date for Tombstone Setting. This is the art of Feng Shui with the auspicious angle or degrees.

Currently we are providing this affordable service due to popular demand:

To check the Tomb Feng Shui of your ancestors to see if it is causing problems to their future generations. Why some have poor wealth luck, frequent sickness, accidents, family member passing at certain time interval etc. Master will go on site to check if its really a problem and let the descendants know who and what is affected.

The descendants can then choose one of the next course of action below. At least with accurate information, a decision can be made easier as to whether to save the descendants luck or leave things as it is. Sometimes this is where Man Luck places an important role.

If you are interested to find out more about this affordable service, please fill up the Contact Form below. In the comment section please note: “Tomb Investigation Service”

Burial Feng Shui Plot Selection
burial-plotWe will search a good feng shui plot for future planning and this is on a project basis. Also applicable to bone re-burial.
Please get in touch with us so we may understand your needs and for you to understand our services.

Ancestral Tablet Feng Shui

This is for the ancestral table placement. This is normally done where families have their own ancestral hall.

Columbarium  Feng Shui

Those who choose cremation as an option, may place their ancestors in Columbarium niches These niches can also have some minor Feng shui effects if correctly selected.

Live Grave / ShengJi 生基

Life grave or Sheng Ji 生基 is another technique of Yin Feng Shui to help improve luck and health and thus a good Feng shui burial can be used as Sheng Ji before one’s passing.

Simple Introduction Video To Yin Feng Shui or Burial Feng Shui Principles

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