2020 Yearly Feng Shui Review

2020, The year of the Metal Rat or 庚子 which starts on the 4th February 2020, 17:18 hours.

You can see the malicious 5 Yellow Stars is in the East side this year.

South side too has has the San Sha or 3 Destruction energies & Sui Po or Year breaker. On top of this South has sickness star 2.

It may not be a serious concern but we can only ascertain this after a through assessment of the property thus why we do not recommend any cures or activation here. Our motto has always been:

Advice responsibly…

This chart is just a guide but the actual advice it is best to engage professional to access the actual floor plans. Get in touch with us and meet with one of our consultants and let’s get your property Feng Shui sort out professionally.

P/S: We will post our event updates here, so do come back and check regularly…

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