Why Should We Have Our BaZi Read?

Is to first know ourselves, our strengths, our weakness and how we can improve by taking the appropriate actions that will give us the biggest advantage in life.

We – Character

What is our characters that we are not aware off and that is limiting us? What is our hidden talent?  – Our life potentials…

Luck Cycle (10 years)

Should we go forward or should we be more cautious? How can help us? When is a better time? Minimize pain, maximize results. – The Path of our lives…

Others – Character

How do we deal with our spouse, children, bosses, siblings etc? If we know we can improve our relations with them.

Life Strategy

Whether is getting our life back in order or to further propel our future, Bazi gives us the insights that allows us to better strategize our future. Bazi is our binoculars.

BaZi consulting is Chinese Astrology method that tells us our life potential. It is derived from our Date and Time of birth & Sex. This fantastic art can accurately pinpoint of life events, check compatibility between couples and many more. 

The only reason ancients spend so much time discovering this art is to help us avoid life’s pot holes. This is already half a good luck! To further find the other half of the good luck, we can look into our Bazi Chart for clues.

about you

Destiny Analysis To Avoid Pot Holes

Everyone is born unique & have their own unique life story…

Bazi consulting is to help you find that true identity and how to best improve matters or current situation. 

The Knowledge will set our souls free and return it to a peaceful and balanced state. 

But most of all, it guides us through the unknown.

What Customers Gained?

Clarity about themselves

New Directions in life

Relief of their doubts

We cannot control our external environment but we can do something to our internal system to improve things. 

For things to change, I must first understand myself, find my niche, understand the timing, take precise actions = Better Results.

Delivery Mode

Consultations are made either at our office for privacy

Phone Consultation if outside Kuala Lumpur.

Make an appointment via contact form below.

Customers are very happy and thus why we have long appointment times due to many referral customers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Master is blogs regularly on the subject on BaZi. His passion on this subject is undeniably strong.

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