Yang House Feng Shui

That is anything above the ground

Feng Shui affects our Wealth and Well Being apart from our Destiny. Thus to make better progress in life in what ever aspects, we deploy authentic Feng Shui. 

Since the Old days of the Chinese empire till today’s Business empires, Feng Shui is a key consideration in their implementation.

If you are looking for Result Orientated Feng Shui, you are in the right page.

Yin Feng Shui

That is anything below the ground

Our ancestors burial ground can affect us the descendants. It may sound illogical but after you met Master Alan, he can explain all these to you.

A tradition that is way beyond 1200 years cannot be untrue. Its how we do it that made the difference.

Book an appointment and meet the Master of this trade himself and hear from the horse mouth.

The secret of Our Birth Date

What has our Destiny installed for us? Are we going through Good Luck or Bad Luck cycle? 
These are vital information to help us make informed decisions for a better outcome.

Book an appointment with Master Alan to get your BaZi 八字 Read & learn how to improve our living.

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