At our consultancy process, our date selection process is very elaborate. It is very unlike other consultancy companies that is based on the Tong Shu for selection. You can read about the Tong Shu system via the link.

Our system is elaborate and unique because it combines 3 major factors giving a holistic good dates. Good dates are hard to come by and they are rare too in a year. Average dates are more easier to find.

If you want to read some of the effects of Good Date, you can click this button below.

Why Select Good Date?

Good dates is like a booster, it gives quick and additional benefits to tenants. Average dates can perhaps ensure a smooth process but may not give power to the effects. Worst still is to have an afflictions such as San Sha, Sui Po or 5 Yellow. Many bad effects may happen such as robbery, accidents, sick and loss of wealth.

Our Unique Date Selection System

What makes our Date Selection Unique is the System that takes into consideration 3 Important Factors of HEAVEN, EARTH & MAN.

To cut it short the technical jargon it simply means integrating the Date to match the House and finally to benefit its Tenants. For every new date, the entire process of calculations will run from start till end. Yes it is tedious but for a good date, I think it is worth it.

By comparing to other systems or Tong Shu system, the difference lies in that the other system do not consider the House factor thus why they cannot find power in the Dates. Some other systems do not consider the Human factor and thus cannot produce a holistic results. If they unknowingly select an affliction date, then problems may happen.

Thus do not waste a good date thinking it can be replaced easily. If your consultant uses the simple system such as Tong Shu (a.k.a. 12 Day Officer and Dong Gong method) yes surely every week as a good date! If they uses Qi Men date, still it does not involve the House factor.

Our skills in Feng Shui is different and unparalleled to many out in the market. Since you are going to spend the money why do you not get the best system ?

Note: Since our system is elaborate we only provide up to 3 dates as part of our consultancy package. Beyond is subjected to additional fees.


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