The year of the Fire Rooster (Ding You) 丁酉 2017, starts on the midnight of 3 February 2017 until 4 February 2018.

This change of the year has a big significance in both Feng Shui as well as Bazi Astrology. The new change in terms of new annual energies will bring effects to every individual. Let’s talk about Feng Shui forecast first.

This is also a year of change in Period in certain theories of feng shui and thus changes in energy will also be taking place. Whether this change is going to be good or bad, it has to be assessed individually. Thus new millionaires will be made and some failed businesses will also take place.

Feng Shui of Fire Rooster (Ding You) 2017 【风水】Forecast

The change in year changes the annual flying stars and these changes will have effects on your property regardless if its is a house, office, shop, mall even a temple or church. The changes can be good or can be bad depending what energy it receives.


If the property receives bad energies such as the destructive 5 Yellow, then it will be a tough year coming. Be extra careful if you have big or important decisions or events lined up for next year.

Receiving the 7 robbery star is also inauspicious. this can cause arguments and loss of wealth or property have theft.

If your property has the Star 2 at your main door or office then other than sickness, bad events are bound to happen.

This year the Tai Sui is in the West. If your property is in the West, thus you are said to violate the Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter. This can be disastrous if you have and groundbreaking or renovation or even trying to move in. It is not advisable to do any of the mentioned activities.

Ding You year also sees the San Sha (3 Killings) residing in the East sector. Be careful not to activate it by digging or doing major renovation.

In the areas of the inauspicious sectors in 2017 such as South, South West and North West, it is best to spend less time in those sectors especially if one is trying to recuperate or making major decisions.

A word of caution, do not simply activate sectors such as East of South East with water fountain even though there are good stars there because feng shui has multiple layers and a wrong activation can cause big problems. 

Bazi Astrology 【八字】


Overall, this is a Fire Metal year. In general terms, this is a turbulent year since Fire from the Heaven is stressing the Metal on Earth.Metaphorically, it may mean the people is being stressed by government or laws. It may also mean the overall environment is difficult for the people and people had to go through some test of the mind and resolve before results can be seen or felt. Metal is often associated with money because currency of the past were in the form of metal. Thus financial sectors may go through some volatility is highly possible.

Of course this is just general scenario and may not apply to everyone because in Bazi Astrology, one has to consider the other elements in our Bazi. This is just a general outlook.

The coming of fire rooster can have different effects on every individual. Since bazi is a highly customized reading, I can only offer very general guideline here.

Since in Chinese Bazi astrology there are 10 different types of day masters. I will list the general outlook for these 10 day masters.

If you do not know your day master, just email us with your name, date & time of birth and sex to

Jia Day masters – generally a good year. good chance for promotion.

Yi Day masters – exhausting and stressful year.

Bing Day masters – Those born before August will have a competitive year while those born in or after august will have better chance money wise. Marriage or meeting of life partner may meet with obstacles for men.

Ding Day masters – similar to Bing Day masters but the intensity varies. Ding day masters will have lesser competition but also smaller money opportunity. Marriage or meeting of life partner may meet with obstacles for men.

Wu Day masters – This year may not see much support from bosses or mother may give you some problems. Performance wise also limited or affected.

Ji Day masters – A year of gossips and back stabbing in general especially for those born after July. Performance is good but may not enjoy the fruits this year.

Geng Day masters – generally a good year money or promotion wise. A good year to network.

Xin Day masters – as opposed to Geng, this year may meet many petty people that gives you lots of problems.

壬 Ren Day masters – this year will present you money making opportunities. Single man can have a chance to meet partner or get married.

癸 Gui Day masters – also a good money year but perhaps some small obstacle in the beginning but overall good.

However it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry. While we cannot do much other than be more careful and prudent astrology wise, we can use feng shui to assist. If you are interested to get your property checked, visit this page here.

If you like to read more about Feng Shui and Bazi, you may want to visit our Blog.

Get My Property Feng Shui Checked

Wishing all Readers a Happy and Good Year ahead.


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