Master Alan is a renowned Feng Shui Master who lived in Malaysia. Over his years of good success in this field of Feng Shui internationally, he has decided under the encouragement of students and clients from Australia to extend his services to Australia. However, we can only offer our services in limited places of Perth and Melbourne.

Feng Shui or Wind Water (风水) is an Chinese art of harnessing the surrounding energy of the nature to help shape or improve our energy level. In the west it is known as Luck but to the Chinese, its not only luck but we see it as energy and our bodily energy is influenced by the house that we live in and the nature surrounding it. Now science has proven that everything is made up of pockets of energy. If we are influenced by good or auspicious energy, we shall prosper in the aspect supported by that energy and vice versa is true as well. That aspect can be wealth, promotion, health, relationship, academic success etc.

From his experience in feng shui consulting work in Australia, he noticed that many of the Feng Shui practices there are not really classical although many claims it to be so, as a result the result where either placebo (short term) and does not give the maximum benefits.

Feng Shui if applied correctly will give long term good results in terms of wealth or health or relationships. Many a times because the energy are invisible, it acts on us without us realising it. Over time the energy acts upon us and it translate to lost in wealth, increase arguments, infidelity, poorer health, stagnant career progress or children suffering from frequent accidents.

He believes since Australia property architecture is very similar to Malaysia and thus his experience can be directly applied here and it can be seen from the result of his works in Australia. He felt that Australian are lucky in the sense that most Australian homes has 3 to 4 sides of land which makes it even more possible to obtain better house Feng Shui.

However Australian property runs he risk of having swimming pools & water tanks. Water are potent activators of energies. Thus wrong placement of water such as swimming pools can cause loss of wealth, arguments and litigation pretty fast.

What is Feng Shui, you may wonder. Take a moment to watch this video:

For a successful Feng Shui consultation some information will be needed from the tenants.

  1. A simple house floor plan.
  2. Date of Birth and Sex of all the occupants of the house or key personnel in a business.

With his information we shall perform an onsite audit of the property such as ascertaining the direction of the property using a geomancer compass known as Luopan 罗盘. This is precision direction taking tool with the relevant formulas.

Then we shall assess the surroundings and upon completion we shall match that to the layout of the house and spot the good and bad energy sectors. We will also perform a compatibility check between the space and occupants to ensure the energy is compatible.

Sometimes incompatibility between the person and the space energy will cause illness and insomnia.

We will sum up by giving you the relevant recommendations to improve the property energy to assist you in achieving your goals.

We don’t not advocate buying of auspicious items or perform any spiritual rituals of any sort. Authentic Feng Shui is an ancient science that purely all about managing energy to prosper us by proper placement of bed, main door, room doors, office table, stove and swimming pools to enable us to receive the auspicious energy!

To read some of our Testimonials or Real Cases in the past you may click the relevant link.

The best time to seek a feng shui consult is before the purchase of any property. Next will be before any major renovations on existing property. Taking these proactive steps will save you a lot of heart ache and money in the long run.

With the support from the hidden hands of feng shui, your endeavours will be much easier achieved. So start to enjoy a more fruitful life Now! by taking the following actions. Ask Us! or Talk to Us!

If you like to listen to Master Alan’s Cantonese version of real feng shui stories, you can listen in Sound cloud.

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