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Welcome to my site where you find authentic Feng Shui Application which have successfully helped many others.

feng shui consultant KLFeng Shui is the art of Qi harnessing. According to the Book of Burial by Master Guo Pu, Qi can be harnessed from Hills and Waters. Collectively, they are called Land Formations. Then Qi travels within the Wind and resides in water thus the art of Feng Shui is born.

Feng Shui works in mysterious ways. It has it’s own defined way of affecting our lives in both good or bad ways depending what type of Qi is being harnessed. If we harness auspicious Qi, this good energy will support us in both wealth enhancement or improving our health and relationship qualities over time.

This word Feng Shui has been grossly misused by many in the ways by many people. Typically they involved putting objects (Put-o-logy Feng Shui), the religious version where prayers and talisman are involved (Spiritual Feng Shui) and also the Mix and Match school of Feng Shui (Cocktail Feng Shui) and finally the Superstitious Feng Shui (such as door facing door is bad). So the real art of Feng Shui has been diluted over the centuries.

Actually Feng Shui is not a very complicated thing. It is made complicated to apply so that the Putology, Spiritual and Cocktail school made it complicated to cover their shortcomings in the knowledge of feng shui. Feng Shui no doubt is one effective option to improve one’s luck and alter destiny apart from our personal efforts but it is something that is quite easy in theory.

As Sir Richard Branson puts it “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.” Precisely! we are making it simple by sticking to the core principles of our forefathers and yet setting the best formation within the limits of nature, to bring the good effects and built the good effects up over the years and not just for a few months.

Malaysia is an indeed a blessed land. Feng Shui Masters in Malaysia are one of the best Feng Shui masters in the world way before the popularization of Feng Shui (a.k.a Pop Feng Shui). Then after the pop Feng Shui era, Malaysia as became the land of Famous Feng Shui Masters. The real & capable ones have taken a back seat.

As A Feng Shui Consultant

Singapore Audit

Being a Feng Shui Consultant has been very rewarding as I have been able put what I have learned and discovered to help others improve their lives. Nothing is more rewarding than to be able to do this consistently.

I also have an up hill task where modern Feng Shui is become wildly creative and this also have create quite a havoc in many families. Thus I have also founded my academy to train up more people, share with them how I have successfully solved so many cases and pass on this skills to rightful candidates who in turn I hope they will also help others after my passing. Real Feng Shui skills are hard to come by and when you have it, it becomes a burden to pass to it down to the rightful students.

My customer are based all over Malaysia primarily in Selangor, Johor, Malacca, Ipoh, Penang and Singapore ranging from homes, high rise buildings, businesses, factories and public listed companies. Overseas customer that have benefited from my Feng shui expertise comes from as far as Australia, Ukraine, Canada, U.S.A, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

Don’t wait till things gets tough! It will be stressful then & sometimes irreversible!

So if you are looking for a real Feng Shui consultant to help improve your overall well being or give your under performing property / mall / business a second opinion, please visit our Services page or contact us.

If you would like to read about Real Feng Shui events and how we have solved some of the cases to have a sense of our high success rate you may go to our Feng Shui Blog where we kept all the articles there.

I operate in Malaysia primarily but also does consulting work regionally. If you have more questions, feel free to fill out the Contact Form and we will get in touch.

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Sydney Australia, Feng Shui Consultation by Master Alan in June 2019.

If you are interested, please contact us to book your slot. It is a rare opportunity to find a real Feng shui master in Sydney.

 A case done in Apr 28, 2018. Feedback received 30/9/18.

Happy to know that our services have brought results even it was near the GE 14

period and a change in government has brought a lot of uncertainties in awarding larger value projects.

Helping an old client to choose a new property in Kinrara. Happy that they are upgrading and their continued trust in my skills.

Had a feedback from my client and then later decided to learn from me. Now my student from the Philippines understand what is Real Feng Shui after experiencing it first hand. That is the truth, I don’t hard sell, the results speaks for itself. After the course she understands now, how Real Feng Shui can bring about long term changes and improvements. Other students also benefited hearing real story from the horse’s mouth. What a great lesson!

Read her story here…

What is Feng Shui?

Latest Updates | Feng Shui Story

Real Feng Shui Case narrated in Cantonese

竹 節 賦: 坤 艮 動 見 坎,中 男 絕 滅 不 躚 鄉

Master Alan – Manila, Philippines Feng Shui Audit, 2016

Commercial Building having San Ban Gua Formation, very auspicious!

Feng Shui Testimony and Results….

Property type: Business Retail

Location : Klang, Selangor.

Feed back from Client after a Feng Shui Correction or Redo.

Happy to be able to help improve the business.

Source: Bursa Malaysia

Another Malaysia Feng Shui Consultant Results

As time passes, the progress has been good. from a flat graph when I first did the feng shui alternations, today its performing pretty well. Of course the journey has its ups and downs but the overall result trend, as far as I am concerned, has been satisfactory.  Feng Shui Case of a public listed company in KL.


Sabah Client feedback after the Feng Shui Consultation, managed to collect back some good amount of debt plus some new business! The Solution was the work desk and stove!                                                                                                   🔥🔥🔥

I have always been a strong believer in Feng Shui. Since my first home, i have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results.

This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential issues which was going to happen. And, it did happen. I implemented his suggested solution and I’m grateful things start to improve over time……Read more


More Feng Shui Testimonials…

I would like to take this pleasure to pen this testimony with gratitude towards Master Alan Chong for his meticulous arrangement of Fengshui in my shop and my house and would like to extend my thanks to him. Having known him through facebook for more than a year, i would like to call him a friend because what he offers, exceed the boundary of “business”. This is definitely 缘. We are no longer in a Master/Customer relationship and he is always ready to help but i will continue calling him Master Alan because of respect for his talent and knowledge. The Shop I own a retail outlet toiling for 17 years shifting 3 times throughout the period. Life was initially quite secured for the first 12 years and it was ok until we shifted from the original place and then things started going downhill despite consulting an experienced non lineage fengshui master. He is afterall, the one who adviced us to shift in the first place saying the land luck (地运) is diminishing fast…..Read On

click to listenCantonese Version of a Real Feng Shui Story and Solution.


火烧天门 – 广东话版

14/12/2016 – The girl’s hair is confirmed by doctor to have recovered and growing slowly and more evenly now.

Feng Shui Tips

Hu Lu 葫蘆 or Wu Lou depending which dialect you pronounce it. In English it is called the Calabash.

It is a widespread believe that this is the item to cure sickness. It is so because of the old Daoist belief that it can capture or neutralize evil spirits. Somehow along the way it got it’s way into feng shui practices. 

This is a poor understanding of real Feng Shui. If your house family members frequently fall sick, this is likely a Feng Shui energy is imbalance or affliction in your house.

Engage a reliable and proven Feng Shui Master to remedy the problem early to minimize damage. With this strategy in mind, you will save yourself a lot of frustration and have more chance to enjoy a smoother life. – Master Alan

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