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What Some Clients Have Feedback  -  Testimonial

Early Days

Alan has been a avid feng shui enthusiast since a child as he frequently hears about story on Feng shui and Bazi. however, coming from a poor family he had not the chance to learn nor encounter a good sifu. But his curiosity and his roots as a Chinese, somehow had the blood in him that kept him searching for the right master.

Meeting the Man

It was some years back that he met his master who taught him San Yuan system of Feng shui. He soon realized this method coming from the Wu Chang Lineage is very potent. Many of the unsolved cases is now seeing light. He can see why that particular house was good and how to remedy them.

After some years trying out this system, he found the success rate was extremely high. What started as a part time thing eventually grew to the point he now take his passion full time.

The Real Stuff

What motivated Alan in this field is quite simple. Coming from a poor family and using Feng Shui to improve the well being is something that excites him. It convinces himself that his childhood believe is correct! Well experiencing is believing!

The other factor that kept him going is the fact he had helped many improved their lives after the Feng Shui changes. Although not all are that open and vocal, still some has allowed him to share their real cases. The most fulfilling part is being able to help those who have been engaging fake practitioners revive.

Complexity of Life

Human lives are very complex because there are so many things that affect the outcome of life. First and the most important is our Bazi Destiny chart, followed by our Luck Cycle and the comes Feng Shui ( Yin & Yang Feng Shui) while at last is Human Actions and Positive psychology. Because our universe is made of packets of energy, we are also made up of packets of energy and this can be decipher by our Bazi Charts. These energy can only be changed in 2 basic way. We can use external earth energy to alter it or by our own internal actions to alter it.

The easier way is of course by getting help from external earth’s energy via the art of tapping good Feng shui. This is the reason why almost all business man in this region especially of Chinese origin uses Feng shui to help them improve their business. This can be a benefit ranging from better sales to better and harmonious working environment.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art of tapping earth or nature’s natural energy to help change the energy of a dwelling. The energy of this dwelling then affects or influence our human energy thus influencing the out come of life. Perhaps some of you may have hear or experience it yourself that after moving into a particular house or premise things got worse off or better off over time? This is the hidden effects of Feng Shui.

Nature’s energy is derived naturally from our environment of hill ranges and water or body of water. Thus feng shui is all about natural land formations that provide the source of energy or in our term Qi 【气】. Having a good source of Qi is not enough because Qi can be good or bad depending on the House feng shui formation. This is where the ancient art of Feng shui comes in important. A real capable Feng shui master will be able to tell where we can tap good auspicious Qi the help in our advancement. Many who wrongly tap bad Qi always find life challenging with many problems to solve and problems seems to come non stop!

Because Qi comes from nature’s land formations, it has nothing to do with religion or having to put “auspicious” items here and there. When you meet one with lots of religious taboos and item selling Feng shui master, it only say that person may not understand what is really Feng Shui.!

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The Consultancy Objective:

The objective is to tap auspicious energy or Good Qi 吉气 and same time minimize the bad energies or Sha Qi 煞气 so that it prospers the occupants.

The Consultancy Process:

To achieve the above objective, we need to perform a 2 step audit.

  1. Matching the House with the Land Formations surrounding the property.
  2. Matching the People or occupants to the house to achieve a good match. This is to ensure the Trinity of Heaven – Earth – Man is at optimum level.

The Feng Shui Consultant or Master will need to be onsite to observe the land formations. He will also need the house floor plan if available as well as the birth data of all the house occupants.

A list of desired changes will be presented to the client for implementation.

“Nowadays people know the price of everything & the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde

How some of our clients have Benefited from our Feng Shui Consultancy?


Another Shop Feng Shui in Singapore

Hi Alan, I think ur bucket of water and change cashier facing work  wonder ,I don’t think is coincidence since yesterday my customers that coming to my shop came back this weekend Total 5 of them .😊 They have Stop coming for more than 1-2years.
……in fact I also surprise those customers came back ,,I still shop now usually Sunday finish at 5:00pm today is quite busy good sign..now got motivation to work 😝 [ A client previously had bad feng shui experience, from Singapore ]

The Shop

I own a retail outlet toiling for 17 years shifting 3 times throughout the period. Life was initially quite secured for the first 12 years and it was ok until we shifted from the original place and then things started going downhill despite consulting an experienced non lineage fengshui master. He is afterall, the one who adviced us to shift in the first place saying the land luck (地运) is diminishing fast. After holding on for 2 years and incurred massive losses, i have no choice but to shift over to a less desirable location for its low rental for the third time. A fighter I am, i told my wife to give me 6 months to turn things around if not, i will go back to employment. How will i cope with employment after being a boss for so long is beyond my imagination but fight i must. To fast forward the 4 years I worked in this shop, i managed to survive but not without obstacles. I was in a mountain of debts.

I engaged Master Alan’s service and he begun his analysis over the shop. Being a realistic person I am, I did not expect a miracle. I will be contented even if there is a little changes. I have afterall gone through some of the worst times from being broke to debt-ridden….Continue reading here

With the popularization of feng shui, many profess they practice classical feng shui and very often my clients will ask this generic question to me “Why if that xxx says he practice classical feng shui, he/she did not get my house feng shui right? ” . I feel for them as marketing becomes very advance today, it is hard for lay person to differentiate the right from wrong and there is no straight answer for you. My next video, I will give a few pointers and I hope will help you identify one.


Find out more on Real cases and Consulting advises.

If you like to read more real cases on Feng Shui, make sure you grab a copy of Master Alan’s Book – Winds of Change ~ the myth and truth in Feng Shui and Bazi.

There is a chapter dedicated to explaining what is feng shui, the truth and myth in feng shui practices. A chapter is also dedicated to explaining the various schools of feng shui and their practices. The remaining chapters are Real life case how feng shui is being applied and what are the changes that can really affect a house feng shui. At the same time Master Alan Chong dispels some of the common misconceptions about feng shui practices and beliefs.

You may get a copy at Amazon.com or Kinokuniya Book Store in Malaysia.

Our Belief and Policies

We belief in confidentiality and that is why you are only able to read part of the testimonials. We belief being reasonable in price & good at delivery of results. In short, we belief in helping deserving people to improve their lives.  The rest is up to them since God has said “God help those who help themselves”.

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Our Pricing

Very affordable for the results and work we produced. For 2018, a condominium in Klang Valley typically ranges around RM2300. 2019 new pricing applies.


I Want to Engage You!

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