At times people ask if a house feng shui consulting, will they need to do extensive renovation because they would like to save money. Well it depends on many factors to answer this. The first question one should ask themselves is what level of Feng Shui they wanna enjoy.

Grade A

Grade B

Grade C

Grade D – Fail

If they just happy with Grade C then probably no need major renovation but if you want at least a Grade B then maybe you will have to sacrifice the convenience for longer term, better energy luck.

As I have mentioned many times before, Grade A feng shui is highly possible only if the property was selected by the master.

Auction House Case Study

Once a person approached me about getting the audit on an auction house he just recently bought and he wanted a good feng shui house but with no renovation because he wanted to save money.

Is it possible? Maybe but you wont know until the master pays the property a visit. However, there is a risk about buying an auction property, it was auctioned for a reason and part of it maybe due to bad feng shui. Thus the risk is surely there. However if one does not change anything but rely on auspicious items such as Piyao, Qilin, Guan Kong etc. to offset the problem, I tell you it’s just self delusion.

If this thing really work, why would a Feng Shui shop selling such items close down? I don’t want to mention names but surely you or your friends would have come across before. Obviously this dont work and even if they do, its probably low level method and we Chinese call it 9th grade, 九流。

You may read this real story of a problematic house. What do you think is the cost of bad Feng Shui has caused him? Cost as in money, emotional well being, health , family safety, etc…

Thus if you have read up to here, our advice is be sober and practical, for things to improve CHANGE is inevitable.

Real House Feng Shui Cases in Malaysia

Sometimes a small adjustment can yield a big change in a house feng shui but only after the Feng shui master pays the property a visit.

Case 1 – Green Dragon Door

This corner house unit belonged to a client in Klang, Malaysia. The reason for their financial decline was because the front door was located in the bad sector and the since it has been a while, the situation when I arrived to the property their financial situation was really bad to the point they could not afford any serious renovations but very lucky the house has a side door which is pretty good and it was the door they hardly use ever since they moved in. What a pity! Nonetheless, under the guidance of Master, they financial situation slowly improved.

Case 2 – High Rise Feng Shui

Before Change

This is a case of a high rise condominium in Singapore, the person living in this room was in poor state in terms of career as well as some relationship issues. The owner had engaged a very famous master in Singapore for the last 3 years but could not improve the situation despite yearly audit as an add on.

After Change

The change was rather simple, basically just move the bed and re orientate the desk. However a door was added to the walkway to alter the energy composition. Thus after the changes, the improvements was slowly felt along the months. This not only included having more of the opposite sex approaching him as well found a better prospect job. Overall client describe he was happier than before. I think this alone is priceless, do you agree?

Case 3 – Cracking Bones

Before Change

This is a client who had been sleeping in the front master room (blue bed) with the above bed position for several years. Over the years many things happened but the one quite obvious was the client developed some kind of bone problems which affected the movements. After Master visited the house, some changes were made.

After Change

The only change done was a very simple one, just a change of the bed. Guess what happened over the months? The relationship with people was better, the bone issues was reduced after the visit to the chiropractor and thus far has not recurred. The funny part was all these while, the client did not occur a single moment it was a bone problem and just lived with the pain for so long until Master highlighted the bed can lead to bone sickness and other bad events. Not only the health improved, the client got a promotion soon after. This is a promotion that did not occur a tiny moment in the client’s mind but rather came as a surprise. Could it be due to the change in energy from negative to a positive one? Based on our knowledge and experience, it is highly possible.

So if done correctly and having good land formations, it can really bring results pretty fast. Case location is Subang, Selangor.

Note: I am not discussing the son’s feng shui here.

I believe by now you can see, sometimes a simple change is possible and not necessary a major renovation is required. However, the solution depends on the problem. Then its also dependent on client to decide what level of Feng Shui he or she wants to enjoy, a Grade D – where its a decline state for both health, relationship and even wealth, Grade C – smooth and no major issues and neither major improvements, Grade B – where there are some progress over longer period of time or Grade A – fast and better result.

Thus if you have noticed how the 3 cases was done, you will have an idea what is Real Feng Shui & how it can be done and not the usual wealth corner type of Feng Shui.


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