Office Feng shui is one of the most important Feng shui after a house feng shui.

Whether you are in retail business as in a restaurant, boutique or book store or running a factory or just an administration office, the Feng shui of this premise can affects us in many ways especially matters related to smoothness of the operations and profitability.

The reason is because while the house Feng shui can help you in your business endeavor, your office Feng shui also can have effect on you. For example, a House Feng Shui prospers the boss but at the Office, the Feng Shui sucks, this can pull down the effects of the company’s performance.

But office Feng shui is also widely misunderstood by most owners. Most Feng shui practitioners uses a lot color schemes, lucky cat or use of talisman to lucky items such as Fu Lu Shou or Kwan Kong as a item to boost business prosperity.

   Fu Lu Shou

Guan Kong







Another famously used item is the Japanese Lucky Cat.


Not forgetting the all time favorite, Mountain Water Painting. These are just myth of Feng shui since they originate from Chinese Culture.

Moreover, items do not deflect Qi nor even produces Qi. Real Feng Shui is about how to correctly locate the offices and tables to tap a good qi for the key members of the company.

The deity statues have no effect unless it is being blessed by a priest but this has no effect on the premise’s feng shui as well. It only affects on the spiritual part as in to prevent unwanted spirits to enter the premise.

One must always remember that spirituality and Feng Shui are 2 separate matters though to a layman they looked related. They are closely related but is independent of each other. One works on spirits while the other works with energy of the land. However, when the energy of the land falls in a zone known to Feng shui masters as “no man’s land” a.k.a Void, then spirits can easily enters the premise.

It reminds me of a client having such a problem. Lucky for him, we managed to turn his business around.

Office Feng Shui works in 2 ways. One is support the wealth factor by attracting good customers, improving business visibility and likability factors and preserving profits. The other channel is by improving human factor of the business, for instance; to have a more harmonious workforce (less politicking), attract and retain talent, promote better ideas and execution and not forgetting attracting noble people to help smooth things out.

Thus in short, the key aspect to good Feng shui is about how to capture auspicious energy of the land (feng shui) and align it to benefit the key members of the company. Then over time, the company with the Feng Shui support to prosper and grow. Reduces the number of obstacles & have an edge over competition.

If you like to get your office feng shui checked by Real Feng Shui Masters, Contact Us.


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