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There are two important things in our life. One is destiny analysis or commonly known as BaZi consulting. The other is the art of Feng Shui. Ancient says, first is Destiny, second Luck and third is Feng Shui. These are the 3 most important factors beyond one’s ability to act. If you have these three factors on your side, then life is smooth and good. If you want to find ways to improve your luck then make an appointment with us.

Master Alan is based in Selangor, Malaysia but he provides Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis services to clients from all over from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Canada and as far as Ukraine and the United States of America. We do not advocate the buying of auspicious items or the usage of spiritual items such as talisman or prayers.

We have to clearly understand what is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is not merely about Qi or spirits. It is about earth’s field. Thus placing items is not Real Feng Shui but only as a psychological relief treatment and thus the effects are only temporary and short term.

If you are looking for a reliable and capable Feng Shui Consultant to auditproperty, then this is the page. Select the type of services you require below.

BaZi Astrology Consultation 【八字算命】your property, then this is the page. Select the type of services you require below.

This method is to calculate our Destiny or Fate from our birth data. This allows us to plan our life, understand our destiny better and know the shortest route to a more fulfilling life. Then we want to know our current Luck cycle to help us in making critical decisions…

Many of his clients have benefited from it and taken precautionary steps to reduced the impact which did happen! while some understand themselves better and can now make better life decisions. To know more about what is Bazi Astrology is all about & how it can help you improve your life, click the button below.

“Nowadays people know the price of everything & the value of nothing.”

Feng Shui Consultation Services Malaysia【风水服务】

Sheng Ji 种生基

We have auspicious land for those who wants to improve their luck using the ancient art of Sheng Ji or Life Grave.

To read more about it please visit the link below.

House (Yang) Feng Shui Consulting 阳宅风水 |住宅风水

Looking for a reliable Feng Shui master or consultant to check on the type of property below:

  1. Houses or Condominium Feng shui consultation
  2. Offices or Factory Feng shui consultation
  3. Malls Feng shui consultation

To read more about the services and some of the client testimonials, it please visit the link below to know more about our Feng Shui services. You will be very happy to engage us just like our other clients.

We are the Condominium and High Rise building Feng Shui specialist. We have done many high rise building Feng Shui both here and more in Singapore. Read more of what we do here.

中文版: 马来西亚风水大师


Yin Feng Shui / Ancestral Feng Shui 阴宅风水
Yin Feng ShuiThis service include:

  1. Plot search and selection
  2. Ancestral Tablet

To read more about it please visit the link below.

For Inquiries, please email

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