Many people are rather feeling worried because most practitioners are saying 2017 (Ding You) is going to be chaotic year or turbulent year for many. Ding You officially starts on the 3rd February 2017. This day is also known as Li Chun 立春 or Coming of Spring.

The reason is because of Jia Zi for the year is Ding You which signifies Fire Hen or some like to call it Fire Rooster (technically inaccurate). Ding is the element of Fire while Rooster has the element of soft metal. Thus it gives an image of Fire melting Metal.


Most practitioners associate metal with money or wealth while fire with well fire associated problems such as war, volcanic eruption, fire disaster or terrorist attack etc.

Some are saying more war is coming since Fire Rooster year is having a merciless Fire controlling the Rooster which carries the Metal element.

So it’s kind a more bad than good situation that is being portrayed here. Coupled with the current global situation where there are on going war and tension in the middle east, conflicts in the South China Seas and back home here in Malaysia, very troubling situation with accusation of a corrupt leadership, falling ringgit currency and  of course the ever rising cost of living in a damp economic outlook.

This doesn’t really help and thus with the coming of the Fire Chicken year, it is high chance that it skewed towards more negative than positive forecast.

The reason I have turned down invitations to talk about 12 zodiac signs is because as a true practitioner of destiny analysis, the 12 zodiac forecast is just a folklore entertainment. It is too generalized and was based on the old system of Chinese Astrology since they are based on the Year of Birth of the person.

How accurate can it be? Well if a 100 person listened, I am sure some percentage of the audience will find something “accurate” about it and this depends how generalized the practitioner convey the message.

The real system of Chinese Astrology for Destiny analysis or Fate analysis is Bazi 八字 or Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗數 system. This system uses the entire information of Time and Date of birth to analyze the rise and fall of a person’s destiny.

Here is a typical Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart:

Here is how a Bazi Chart will look like:

This approach is more personalized and specific to the person. What will Ding You year bring to you and me will be a different outcome. Ding You can mean money, marriage, health, lawsuit, surgery, quarrel, career advancement to different people. Of course it can go both ways, meaning money going out or money coming in. It can mean winning a court case or losing a court case.

Finally you are also affected by your house Feng Shui 居家风水. A good house feng shui can mitigate issues of you are destined to have one next year. A bad house feng shui will make the problem more serious and longer lasting. You can make sure that your house feng shui is prepared and audited to enjoy a smoother Fire Chicken Year!

So Breath Normally,

Master Alan Chong





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