What is Yin Feng Shui?

This is the type of Feng Shui for the after world typically our ancestors and parents. This is technique was founded few thousand years ago after ancients discovered that a burial can affect the descendants lives or outcomes. Although it is not the only effect, it is one of the major effects since the bones contain DNA which links the ancestors to their descendants.

Master can explain more when meeting face to face the mechanics of this Yin Feng Shui.

What Are the Components of Yin Feng Shui?

Land forms, Quality of soil, How Qi is moved around the spot, how it’s ability to accumulated and locked qi so as to determine if its auspicious or not for the spot.

A good amount of time is spent on site to determine and survey the area for any inconspicuous features regardless if its investigative or even new project. Sometimes it can be hours & sometimes even days.

Types – Ground burial, Urns, Tablets.

There are various types and all types affect the same way. It is just the severity is different.

Sea burial is not encouraged for various reasons. Some have regretted after sea burial because the family members, not one usually few, dreams of deceased crying of coldness. Furthermore it is a little disrespectful to treat our parents who have brought us up so hard. I would suggest columbarium or tablet as an alternative so they are taken care off by the temple people even if descendants are not free to visit them. The least is give them a dwelling.

How Long Is The Effects?

It can last as far as 3 generations or more. The effects can take place within months if it is severely bad. Good effects will need a little more time to built typically over a few years.

What Kind Of Effects On Descendants?

Auspicious effects are usually seen in the increase in the career prospects, business expansion, intelligent child, more male filial sons, healthy generations and children that have achievements.

Inauspicious effect can be more detrimental ranging from death every 3-4 years, terminal illness, in-explainable illness, dying from accidents, produces gays and lesbians, bankruptcy, debts or unstable / mediocre career for descendants.


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