Feng Shui for the After World

Also known as Yin Feng Shui or Burial Feng Shui

Apart from House or Office Feng Shui, Burial Feng Shui too have significant effect on the descendants luck ranging from well being, off spring luck, health and even descendants career. You may read some of our blog post below

What Constitute Yin Feng Shui ?

Find out more about the sub-category of this branch of Feng Shui
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Land Burial / Grave

It can last few generations and the effect is strong and lasting. 

It has links to history of bankruptcy, cancer, ceasation of male lines of the family or even male behaving like females a phenomenon know has Yang Char Yin Chor. (Mistake in Yin and Yang)


This is usually after a cremation. The effect is less profound compared to a full burial.

But it is better than sea burial. Not only it is better from the cultural point as well to appease their spirits with a resting place than feeling “cold” in the sea.

Ancestral Tablet

This is the tablet you have in your house or in the ancestral hall or temple. 

The effect is also less profound compared to full burial. Nonetheless, if its done in correctly then it adds a layer of inauspicious to the overall. 

Our Services

We have a team of masters to attend to various issues. At the core we have 2 packages.


The objective is to survey the existing burial plot, live grave, columbarium, ancestor tablet to check out for clients if they are in auspicious plots or at least not in a bad location.

We shall provide some suggestion for further actions & prices are very reasonable.

New Project

This is meant for search and qualify future to use Burial plots, Columbarium box or even just to set a good Feng Shui spot in your house for you to set up the ancestor altar. 

We are independent Feng Shui consultancy not attached to any memorial parks.


    InvestigativeNew Project

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